Our team of researchers seeks to investigate the effects of the introduction of medical cannabis in Arkansas. This includes the impact it may have on public opinion concerning the use of medical cannabis, the involvement of pharmacy consultants in MC dispensaries, and the impact on the general health of the Arkansas public.

Our research involves information gathered through a survey-based cohort study.  This survey helps us to understand the attitudes of the Arkansas public towards medical cannabis use, pharmacist involvement, and the prevalence of cannabis use in Arkansas. It is also a way to help us understand the motivation behind the use or lack of use of medical cannabis, and the factors that may influence a person’s opinion on this subject matter.

The results of our study will help to identify the impact of the medical cannabis program in Arkansas, as well as any benefits or harms that may result. Since the first study cohorts begin before product availability, we may better see the impact it will have on the health of medical cannabis patients. This will also show us how attitudes and opinions toward medical cannabis and pharmacist involvement change over the course of the medical cannabis program’s implementation. Another benefit is that we may contribute to what is known about the effects of cannabis use, including adverse reactions, drug interactions, and overall effect on the treatment of an approved disease state.

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